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Sereza Creations

About Sereza

Sereza is a talented multi-artist and devoted single mother of two residing in LA, originally from Peru. She possesses a natural aptitude for visionary art, which she has honed through self-teaching. Her artistic endeavors encompass a diverse range, including oil painting, digital art, songwriting, singing, guitar playing, music video production, talisman-jewelry design, conscious-fashion creation, and motivational speaking. These creative outlets serve as her profound expression of gratitude towards the divine creator for the gift of each day.

From an early age, Lisbeth has been blessed with vivid visions of alternative worlds and dimensions. It was later in life that she felt compelled to capture these visions through painting. As a musician, she found inspiration in her art and began composing songs based on her own works. Presently, Lisbeth is working on her upcoming album, which features songs inspired by her paintings. Moreover, she takes pleasure in drinking living water from the fountain of youth and eagerly shares more about this when engaged in conversation.

Lisbeth has discovered a remarkable balance between her creative pursuits and motherhood, fully immersing herself in the care of her children. Additionally, she derives great satisfaction from empowering women to embrace their authentic expression, encouraging them to become their most magnetic selves by leveraging personal branding techniques in the online realm.

As the founder and CEO of the Wealth Beaming Goddesses movement, Lisbeth passionately connects with like-minded individuals worldwide. Her genuine desire to foster connections and build a community of shared values is a cornerstone of her work.