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Getaway - Glass Print Wall Art

Getaway - Glass Print Wall Art

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3 sizes available with high quality wood framing in gold finish. Maximum size for glass is 30"x40". 4'x8' prints are in acrylic.

Title: The Getaway


"The Getaway" is a captivating painting that invites viewers to transcend the bustling and crowded world that envelops us, prompting a connection with a larger, more expansive perspective. As we venture beyond the confines of our daily lives, the panorama before us expands, unveiling an ever-growing tapestry of possibilities.

Imagine stepping out of the urban landscape, embarking on a journey in a sleek convertible through the vibrant streets of a bustling city. The path leads to the city's edge, seemingly surrounded by water, offering an illusion of confinement. Yet, with a daring glance, we discover that there is always more beyond our immediate perception.

Should we venture further, a bridge emerges, beckoning us towards new horizons and experiences. It becomes a gateway to escape, allowing us to see ourselves from a new perspective, the same way we can see our bodies asleep during an out-of-body experience.

This painting unveils the profound interplay between our urban infrastructure and the sacred ecosystem of nature. Nestled in the left corner, the Tree of Life emanates golden orbs of blessed oxygen, providing a harmonious symbiosis between the city and the natural world. The living water, with its ionized essence, envelops the city in a soothing embrace, akin to a loving mother cradling her nursing child. The panoramic sky evokes wonder and tranquility, offering solace to all who cast their gaze upon its vast expanse.

Now you’re at the cave… What are you doing? What are you wearing? Are you dressed? Are you by yourself? Are you with someone? With a dog perhaps? Are you laying? Sitting? Walking? Are you in the water? On a rock? On a hammock? What’s in your hands? What’s in your heart? 

Life is ultimately what you make of it, in spite of the great pains of evolution and growth, might as well remain joyous, curious and grateful! 💖

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