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Here & Now - Glass Print Wall Art

Here & Now - Glass Print Wall Art

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3 sizes available with high quality wood framing in gold finish. Maximum size for glass is 30"x40".  4'x8' prints are in acrylic.

Title: Here & Now

"Here & Now" is a captivating painting that delves beyond the visage of two planets with expressive faces, inviting viewers to explore the profound layers beneath. While these planetary figures capture attention, the true essence lies in the rich tapestry beneath them.

Amidst the chaos and fervor that engulfs our world, a remarkable emergence takes place. The ocean, symbolizing the eternal wellspring of life, births "New Times" in the form of a dancing child adorned in a flowing white dress. With each graceful movement, the ocean parts, creating an ethereal stage for the child's joyous celebration. Gazing upon her daughter's dance, the ocean personified, watches with maternal pride and love.

Radiant rainbows grace the scene, serving as divine promises of an era infused with heightened consciousness, poised to manifest in the future. Merging the vast expanse of the universe and the teeming life within the ocean, the painting depicts a unified expression of existence, where life embraces the cosmic seas as one interconnected whole.

A mesmerizing web forms the backdrop, representing the constraints of the matrix—the structures and systems of the old era. However, these confines begin to dissolve and lose their customary form as the girl, New Times, through her dance, unravels the matrix, liberating humanity from its constraints.

The caduceus, traditionally associated with healing and transformation, takes on a new meaning within the painting. It symbolizes the DNA of the girl, New Times, expanding and expressing its inherent magnificence, akin to a butterfly emerging from its cocoon or a flower unfurling its petals. As this transformation unfolds, waves of love emanate, embracing the collective consciousness and reminding us that we are interconnected, existing within the same ecosystem, and not adversaries.

In a transformative shift, the dominant masculine Earth becomes self-aware. It becomes deeply curious of its own depth and sees its feminine nature reflected on the face of Mars, who’s no longer the planet of war but a warm, loving presence signaling a fertile, living, red womb that offers hope of life and new horizons. 

Nestled within the oceanic universe, the stars of the Orion belt intersect with the pyramids of Egypt, symbolizing ancient wisdom and cosmic connections.

The painting's vision encompasses a circular narrative, akin to a bubble, where every aspect unfolds within its encompassing network. The upper portion of the caduceus resembles a torch held by a sprinting athlete, leaving trails of flames emanating from its core, signifying dynamic expansion and vitality.

When engaging with this painting, imagine placing yourself in the midst of the planetary faces, envisioning yourself as tiny as an ant, suspended in the magnetic energy that permeates the scene. Let the immersive experience transport you to a realm where boundless possibilities unfold.

"Here & Now" invites viewers to explore the depths of its symbolism, embracing the interconnectedness of life, and embracing a transformative journey towards a new era of consciousness.

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