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Mermaids - Glass Print Wall Art

Mermaids - Glass Print Wall Art

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3 sizes available with high quality wood framing in gold finish. Maximum size for glass is 30"x40". 4'x8' prints are in acrylic.

Title: Mermaids


"Mermaids" portrays a profound transformation occurring within the enigmatic depths of our oceans, signifying the end of an era as we know it and the birth of something new within the core of creation.

These are extraordinary times of cosmic magnitude, where monumental shifts are taking place, emanating waves of higher consciousness that shape the reality we are beginning to witness. As part of this cosmic reset, the consciousness of the oceans manifests in humanoid form, presenting itself in a trinity formation, each capable of sharing visual timelines through holographic projections on their foreheads.

These peaceful aquatic beings communicate through the language of emotion, their eyes welling with tears upon the first encounter. They possess a deep understanding of the changes we have undergone and what lies ahead. They serve as carriers of the luminous ocean-heart, that emanates powerful waves of new codes that traverse the oceans and extend beyond. This awakening also heralds the resurgence of the guardians of our oceans, the majestic whales.

Amidst this momentous shift, a sense of excitement and celebration permeates the scene, evident in the joyful presence of the dolphins. The pyramids symbolize the oceans' ability to traverse land, transcending the boundaries of the known surface.

The mushroom-like crafts represent aquatic multi-dimensional cities traversing the vast oceans of Earth-like planets, forging connections across the cosmic tapestry. Ancient jellyfish and seahorses embody the extraordinary strength found within the waters of life, illustrating the resilience and adaptability required to thrive amidst profound changes.

A shapeshifting octopus, an enigmatic and protective entity, symbolizes deep transformation within our infinite nature. With direct access to the stars, which reside within him, the octopus serves as a guardian of the underworld, representing the profound metamorphosis occurring within our own being.

At the center of the scene, a multidimensional portal stands open, welcoming crafts from distant reaches of the universe. These interdimensional vessels beam high frequencies, bridging worlds in a celebration of our interconnectedness as creations of the divine.

The radiant light behind and above the octopus represents the ocean's vocal cords, emitting a gentle hum that resonates with luminosity. These harmonic vibrations create waves that ripple across the vast expanse of our oceans, joining the grand symphony of profound transformations occurring throughout the cosmos.

"Mermaids" captures the essence of this cosmic shift, offering a glimpse into the profound changes within our oceans and the awakening of higher consciousness. It invites viewers to contemplate the interplay between our own existence and the boundless wonders of the universe.

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