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Sidereal Love - Glass Print Wall Art

Sidereal Love - Glass Print Wall Art

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3 sizes available with high quality wood framing in gold finish. Maximum size for glass is 30"x40". 4'x8' prints are in acrylic.

Title: Sidereal Love

Description: In this painting, we are reminded that as sentient beings of light, existing in human form, we embody the vast awareness of the universe through the divine feminine. Within us resides the boundless power of love, capable of transforming the world effortlessly and instantaneously, just by our mere existence. We no longer need to prove our strength to the world, for the suppression we have endured serves as evidence of our formidable power, acknowledged and feared by those who seek to suppress it. However, they fail to realize that by suppressing our power, they diminish their own, ultimately causing harm to all. Instead of seeking revenge and reclaiming our power through conflict, we embark on a journey of healing, integration, collective growth, and harmonious progression. The Goddess within us possesses the ability to achieve this, and it is through this pure resurgence that we make our most profound impact. Dear soul-sister, rather than attempting to overcome his strength and power, know that you hold an extraordinary power as the beautiful Goddess that you are—a power that surpasses comprehension and must be experienced firsthand.

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