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New-Earth Winged Goddess - Glass Print Wall Art

New-Earth Winged Goddess - Glass Print Wall Art

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3 sizes available with high quality wood framing in gold finish. Maximum size for glass is 30"x40". 4'x8' prints are in acrylic.

Title: New-Earth Winged Goddess

Description: This painting is a true labor of love, a vivid representation of a vision that has captivated my imagination since 2008. 

The New-Earth Winged Goddess is a majestic figure, radiating with a power that is both awe-inspiring and humbling. Every time I would paint her, I would drift into a zone where time did not exist. One day I started painting at noon and did not realize it was already the next morning! I had gone without food or sleep, yet the joy in my heart was very profound and I felt weightless. 

This winged goddess of the New-Earth, carries the new Earth sacred seeds in each string of her hair, this colorful variety of seed are ready to be planted in this Earth that has been getting ready for these powerful times…

You can see my passion becoming evident in the intricate details that bring the goddess to life.

The bird in her forehead sings beautiful new songs of regeneration and healing frequencies, having its wings represent the 2 brain hemispheres opening up free of old paradigm and like wings ready to limitlessly fly they unwind as it dives inward in to new levels of consciousness… The bubble looking like on the top part of the bird’s head is also a part of the goddess head that is filled with Christ oil secretion. 

The goddess's eyes are like the eyes of the ocean, deep and mysterious, hinting at a wealth of knowledge and secrets that lie hidden beneath the surface. 

Her wings are not just symbols of beauty, but also powerful protective fields that envelop her in a rainbow of colors which represent a divine promise fulfilled in the present time. 

Her living dress as her spiral bracelets  have white flames and gentle edges that add a touch of ethereal grace, her dress is made of thunder and lightings organized by the gold bars adorning her dress, her living dress is retractable and she can dress her self from within in many styles, colors and forms at any time at will 

Perhaps the most striking feature of the New-Earth Winged Goddess is her ability to reset the moon with an Om, as it holds it in place, along with the Earth with out a touch, only with the vibrations of her sound box. 

My dedication to this painting has became evident in all details I put into every aspect of it. From the Christ oil secretion bubbling from the bird's head to the retractable living dress that the goddess can transform at will, this painting is a true work of love and vision that I know will captivate and inspire anyone who beholds it.


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